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released June 14, 2011

produced by color radio + dave vettraino

recorded at carterco studios, additional recordings at studio chicago with M.I.W, mixed by dave vettraino at mahern audio, mastered by carl saff at saff mastering, strings by nicole vettraino

design / art / photo by wallo villacorta + you’re doing it wrong

thank you dave, wallo, jamie, nate, landry, jason, matt h, nicole, katie, sherye, abi, elijah, and all our friends & family for making this possible



all rights reserved


Color Radio Chicago

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Track Name: Vespers
evening, are you hiding all the day’s mistakes?
comforting, am i restless or just feeling sick? evening...

i am not forgiven for the rays i’ve passed
afternoons i’m another mass

so dried up i don’t remember when you came upon us
can you sense me at all? evening...

this evening
it depends when it falls

this evening
it depends on us all

swell, am i not forgiven for this?
Track Name: Quiet House
turned around, i don’t know how
quiet house, i don’t know much

they’re breaking in

narrow walls, i could be alone
barking dog, i could be wrong

they’re breaking in

and i’m not up

they’re breaking in
Track Name: Smile at a Funeral
thoughts chasing circles out into my head
like cycles, laundry cycles

birthday parties make me feel lethargic
i don’t know why

the day is grim, as dark as sin
i’m still a kid in a big suit with no clue

wake up in the mornings, my emails are warnings
if i don’t get up, i may never get up...

pass the gates, the stones we circulate
i feel closer now, close enough

take it like you take a ticking time bomb
honey you’re doing nothing wrong

the look on their faces, the tears running down
i don’t know why

standing by a box with flowers and a cross
i don’t know why i’m enjoying it

smile at a funeral
Track Name: Elephant Room
that’s where i’ll be, disappearing
haunting your dreams, interfering

someone might’ve said you’ve got
caught in pretend, you’re not fooling anyone

despite all the years scraping by
it finally appears there’s no reason why

and that’s where i’ll be, signal pending
a wired frenzy making ends meet
Track Name: Auto-touch
been wandering where we started
scenes like thieves bring bad memories

caught in freeze frame, subject feeling drained
auto touch with manual gain

wandering against you’re resentment
auto touch, can’t reach the clutch

so hit me when i’m delusional
Track Name: Marionette
the desperate knock - invite them in
they’ll play the part of your best friend

we are getting nowhere
no matter which side you’re on

your view is ours - so take advantage
don’t let the others destroy your confidence

we are getting nowhere
no matter which side you’re on

and i admired your view
Track Name: Towers
do you remember how it goes
caught in the bitter hours
do you remember how it shows
what you are capable of

it isn’t always best to control it
i know you like that

making it all worthwhile

we should’ve taken it farther
too many quarrels we’ve had
well that’s how we’ll leave it
no, now that’s how you see it

i know it hurts when i laugh

making it all worthwhile

on the run, towers
coming up, going up, and over...
Track Name: Sharks [in a sequence]
never wanna see us quit
slow to stand and fast to sit
eaten by conglomerates
who binge without a consequence

and everywhere they take a piss
more opportunities are fixed
we’re treated like we don’t exist
in channel flooded messages

never wanna see us hurt
we have the right to earn
moving forward in reverse
i hear them limping when they curse

saying i’m not done

beaten by the sharks
we’re just gonna starve
weaker in the arms
when they gonna stop

swimming till we fall
in the seabed
swallowed by them whole
in a sequence
Track Name: Ideas Splitting Atoms
it’s like you said, no i don’t wanna love
under false pretenses, a numbing pulse

reasons to leave this all behind us
how you said, ideas are splitting atoms

glands touching glands, no i don’t wanna grow
out of this, beg forgiveness - be persistent

we’re butting heads far from a common stance
how you said ideas are splitting atoms

you’re right - you’re always right
Track Name: Over My Head
talk to me when you get a chance
save receipts, have you hidden them
comes in shifts, took your furnitures away

this foreclosure’s not an accident
lose composure to incompetence
and prized possessions in your cabinets

it’s over my head

hair receding to the mouth
battered eyes beneath your brows
better keep your mouth full

i’ll leave my best regards when you’re captive
devoured by corporate lawsuits

could’ve been a decent father with sons and daughters
all looking up to you

you’re not positive they’ll consider it
giving you another chance

it’s over my head

here all alone
sweat it off and save your plunge
you’re good enough, now make us proud